Assoziativspeicher Mit Getrennt Assoziierbaren Bereichen

  • Published: Dec 27, 1979
  • Earliest Priority: Feb 10 1975
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An associative memory has separately associable zones, a linearly addressable main memory for the input and read out of data consisting of an associative word and a non-associative word, and a comparator device which serves to compare the read out association words with a search word. A device containing address converters serves to derive the addresses from the association word and from the search word or from the higher-value bits of these words and an extension counter provides a count which influences the derivation of the addresses. The count is increased by one whenever an initially addressed storage position proves otherwise occupied. A reservation unit is provided with a shift network which, under the influence of an item of control information serving to delimit the zones, derives a secondary bit group having a width 1 of the complete addresses from a selectable part of the lower-value bits of a zone address and from a selectable part of the higher-value bits of a primary bit group derived from the association and search words, having the width 1, which it feeds to the device containing the address converters in order to form the store address in dependence upon the count of the extension counter.


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Document History
  • Publication: Dec 27, 1979
  • Application: Jan 22, 1976
    AT AT 42576 A
  • Priority: Feb 10, 1975
    DE DE 2505477 A

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