System For Managing Individual Performance Challenges In Fantasy Gaming

  • Published: Aug 24, 2017
  • Earliest Priority: Dec 19 2014
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Short term wagers can be made on predicted outcomes of performances in events such as the performance of a specific player in a sports event or the performance of a company stock in a given time frame. A user can select a plurality of challenge parameters, including a time duration of a challenge; a subject matter of the challenge; a type of wager for the challenge; a specific player for the challenge; and a wager amount for the challenge. The plurality of challenge parameters can be transmitted to a matching engine in order to match the challenge to one or more target users based upon a comparison of the challenge parameters to a plurality of historical challenge parameters for each of the target users to find common parameters. A casino or sports bookmaker can also accept the challenge as a house player.

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  • Publication: Aug 24, 2017
  • Application: Dec 18, 2015
    WO US 2015/0066930 W
  • Priority: Oct 29, 2015
    US US 201514927445 A
  • Priority: Dec 19, 2014
    US US 201462094674 P

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