Genes For The Synthesis Of Antipathogenic Substances


The present invention is directed to the production of an antipathogenic substance (APS) in a host via recombinant expression of the polypeptides needed to biologically synthesize the APS. Genes encoding polypeptides necessary to produce particular antipathogenic substances are provided, along with methods for identifying and isolating genes needed to recombinantly biosynthesize any desired APS. The cloned genes may be transformed and expressed in a desired host organisms to produce the APS according to the invention for a variety of purposes, including protecting the host from a pathogen, developing the host as a biocontrol agent, and producing large, uniform amounts of the APS.

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  • Publication: Jun 17, 1997
  • Application: Jun 8, 1994
    US US 25826194 A
  • Priority: Jun 8, 1994
    US US 25826194 A
  • Priority: Jul 1, 1993
    US US 8763693 A
  • Priority: Aug 31, 1992
    US US 93764892 A
  • Priority: Jul 2, 1992
    US US 90828492 A
  • Priority: Aug 20, 1990
    US US 57018490 A

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