Hiv Inhibiting 5,6-substituted Pyrimidines

  • Published: Jul 10, 2008
  • Earliest Priority: Dec 29 2006
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R<SUP>1</SUP> is hydrogen; aryl; formyl; C<SUB>1_6</SUB>alkylcarbonyl; C<SUB>1_</SUB>6alkyl; C<SUB>1_6</SUB>alkyloxycarbonyl; R<SUP>2</SUP>, R<SUP>3</SUP>, R<SUP>7</SUP> and R<SUP>8</SUP> are hydrogen; hydroxy; halo; C<SUB>3-7</SUB>cycloalkyl; C<SUB>1_6</SUB>alkyloxy; carboxyl; C<SUB>1_6</SUB>alkyloxycarbonyl; cyano; nitro; amino; mono- or di(C<SUB>1_6</SUB>alkyl)amino; polyhaloC<SUB>1-6</SUB>alkyl; polyhaloC<SUB>1-6</SUB>alkyloxy; -C(=O)R<SUP>10</SUP>; C<SUB>1_6</SUB>alkyl optionally substituted with halo, cyano or -C(=O)R<SUP>10</SUP>; optionally substituted C<SUB>1_6</SUB>alkyl, C<SUB>2-6</SUB>alkenyl, or C2-6alkynyl; R<SUP>4</SUP> and R<SUP>9</SUP> are hydroxy; halo; C<SUB>3_7</SUB>Cycloalkyl; C<SUB>1_6</SUB>alkyloxy; carboxyl; C<SUB>1_6</SUB>alkyloxycarbonyl; formyl; cyano; nitro; amino; mono- or di(C<SUB>1_6</SUB>alkyl)amino; polyhaloC<SUB>1_6</SUB>alkyl; polyhaloC<SUB>1_6</SUB>alkyloxy; -C(=O)R<SUP>10</SUP>; cyano; -S(=O)<SUB>r</SUB>R<SUP>10</SUP>; -NH-S(=O)<SUB>2</SUB>R<SUP>10</SUP>; -NHC(=O)H; -C(=O)NHNH<SUB>2</SUB>; -NHC(=O)R<SUP>10</SUP>; Het; -Y-Het; optionally substituted C<SUB>1_6</SUB>alkyl, C<SUB>2-6</SUB>alkenyl or C<SUB>2-6</SUB>alkynyl; R<SUP>5</SUP> is C<SUB>2-6</SUB>alkenyl or C<SUB>2-6</SUB>alkynyl both substituted with cyano, aminocarbonyl, mono- and di(C<SUB>1_6</SUB>alkyl)aminocarbonyl, aryl, pyridyl, thienyl, furanyl, or with one or two C<SUB>1_6</SUB>alkyloxy groups; Het; -C(=O)NR<SUP>5a</SUP>R<SUP>5b</SUP>; -CH(OR<SUP>5c</SUP>)R<SUP>5d</SUP>; X is -NR<SUP>1</SUP>-, -O-, -CH<SUB>2</SUB>-, or -S-; pharmaceutical compositions containing these compounds as active ingredient and processes for preparing said compounds and compositions.

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  • Publication: Jul 10, 2008
  • Application: Dec 28, 2007
    WO EP 2007064606 W
  • Priority: Dec 29, 2006
    EP EP 06127328 A

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