System And Method Of Revealing Real World Wager Outcomes Based On User Interactions With Interactive Media

  • Published: Oct 2, 2014
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The invention relates to systems and methods of selecting and placing real-world wagers responsive to one or more wager triggers, obtaining outcomes of the real-world wagers, facilitating user interactions with various interactive media, and revealing the outcomes of the real-world wagers through the interactive media to give an appearance that the outcomes of the real-world wagers resulted from the user interactions even though the outcomes resulted from the real-world wagers and were determined before the user interactions. By integrating real-world wager outcomes with gameplay and other user interactions, the system may provide an engaging user experience with interactive media. For example, a game may reveal an outcome of a real-world wager (which has already occurred), in response to in-game actions such as user actions in the game, other players' actions in the game, game events (e.g., events caused by the game logic/artificial intelligence), and/or other events.


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