Integration Platform For Interfacing With Third Party Channels

  • Published: May 18, 2017
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An integration platform provides a third party channel products from a merchant, so that the third party channel may cause an opportunity to be presented to a user to purchase one of the products. In response to an indication of a user purchase, the integration platform transmits a purchase request to the electronic commerce platform to create an order for the purchase. The integration platform may create a payment for the purchase with the merchant's payment processor and transmit the payment to the payment processor, update the order with the merchant's electronic commerce platform with the payment information, update the status of the order to shipped, and capture payment information by communicating with the payment provider. The merchant's electronic commerce platform may then update the order with the integration platform, which may notify the third party channel of the update so that update may be communicated to the user.

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  • Publication: May 18, 2017
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