(2'-5')oligo-isoadenylate Pharmaceutical Compositions And Method Of Use

  • Published: Mar 29, 1983
  • Earliest Priority: Oct 09 1979
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The invention relates to a novel process for the production of (2'-5')A(pA)npA chains wherein n is an integer of from 1 to 6, which comprises polymerizing adenosine (2'-3') monophosphate to obtain a mixture of 2'-5'- and 3'-5'-polyadenylic acid, treating the mixture with ribonuclease P1 to cleave selectively the 3'-5'-bonds so as to retain the 2'-5'-polymeric moieties with a terminal 5'-phosphate moiety and removing the terminal phosphate groups by means of alkaline phosphatase. The mixture may be purified by separation on an anionic ion exchanger and collecting the individual fractions. The invention further relates to pharmaceutical compositions for inhibiting the immune response of mammals which comprise as active ingredient a (2'-5')oligo-isoadenylate defined above. The preferred compositions are those with a preponderance of the trimer.

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  • Publication: Mar 29, 1983
  • Application: Oct 8, 1980
    US US 19505780 A
  • Priority: Oct 9, 1979
    IL IL 5842179 A

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