This blockchain digital mine discovery innovation actually discovers more digital mines while it uses the blockchain as the rails and a secondary digital mine discovery process to discover secondary digital mines. The 2nd digital mine discovers a 3rd digital mine and then a 4th then 5th which can continue discoveries indefinitely perpetual automatically all from the digital mines discovered before them. Because they are actual digital mines which are discovered they would come under the realestate/property classification. Be it a commercial operation and/or in the wholesale sector and/or retail a portfolio of digital mines traded and/or on sold to the retail sector including being used as but not limited to security, insurance, collateral etc. This innovation sets out a new realestate and/or property blockchain franchise model and has the ability to be exploited under a patent license fee agreement and/or outright bought/sold to specific entities such as but not limited to, governments, Banks, financial institutions, monetary funds, insurance industries on platforms such as but not limited to asset/commodity/stock/bond/share markets and exchanges etc. This is a blockchain digital mine discovery franchise innovation specifically designed and developed for the realestate /property, insurance/underwriting, security/collateral markets. This is not a crypto currency nor is it an asset/commodity innovation that earns interest. What we have discovered on the blockchain is an actual digital mine we can call the master franchise which can actually discover new digital mines at a pre-determined discovery percentage rate example 1/10th per annum. It is estimated because mine discovery is not an exact science. This innovation is an actual digital mine discovery innovation on the blockchain which by default means it is covered under the realestate banner and in doing so we have worked out through our modelling that it can be an actual franchise. The master franchise is discovered the moment we find it and from there subsequent franchises with the same ability are discovered and then allocated and considered as per this patent as franchisees/sub franchises off the master franchise as well as off the sub franchisees themselves.. Because this innovation is an actual digital mine on the blockchain with a secondary, third, fourth, fifth unlimited and continuous digital mine discovery ability and features, discovery capabilities which then has the ability to discover a third digital mine off the second discovered franchise digital mine which then has the ability to discover fourth digital mine off the third discovered digital mines and so on and so forth. Also from the second digital mine discovery onwards we have the ability to go to an actual asset/ commodity which would end the new digital mine discovery it is unique and innovative hence the innovation patent.

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  • Publication: May 4, 2017
  • Application: Apr 4, 2017
    AU AU 2017/100375 A
  • Priority: Apr 4, 2017
    AU AU 2017/100375 A

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