A System And Method For Facilitating Shopping

  • Published: Jun 15, 2017
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A system for facilitating the postponed purchase of an item is described. The system comprises: a networked matching engine for matching stock identifier information relating to one or more items for postponed purchase by a user, with information relating to the availability of the one or more items in a physical store; a location engine for locating a mobile device in a physical location relative to the physical store; and a notification engine in communication with the networked matching engine and the location engine, the notification engine configured to receive matches of stock identifier information and then notify the user via the user mobile device regarding the availability of the one or more items when the mobile device is disposed at a selected distance from a physical store which has items within it which correspond to the matched stock identifier information. There is also described a method of facilitating a postponed purchase of an item to a user. The method includes the steps of: receiving at least one data set relating to an item for sale into a networked computer processing device; representing at least one of the data sets on a display of the networked computer processing device; assessing a distance between a physical item for sale associated with the at least one data sets and the networked computer processing device; notifying the user via the networked computer processing device of the distance to the physical item.


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