Distributed, Unfolding, Embedded Transaction And Inventory Apparatuses, Methods And Systems

  • Published: Sep 3, 2015
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The Distributed, Unfolding, Embedded Transaction and Inventory Apparatuses, Methods and Systems (“DUETI”) transforms site traversal, site request, embed data request, purchase request inputs via DUETI components into contextual activity payload, digital/media/actual asset procurement outputs. DUETI is a distributed transaction and transformer mechanism. DUETI, in one embodiment, provides a cloud based, distributable, site agnostic purchasing account, and in essence, may act as a commerce enabling media distribution platform. DUETI may provide distributed: advertising, asset browsing, electronic transactions, social sharing and gifting, etc., all disjoined from any one server/site/source. As such, the DUETI may operate with native (e.g., paid) media assets wherever they exist and unfurl around such asset to bring a user the ability to operate on and with the asset wherever it may reside. In one embodiment, the DUETI system includes a processor, and memory with instructions to: provide a video advertisement to a user and receive a user input indicating the user is interested in the video advertisement. The DUETI system may then determine enhanced advertisement content based on the user indication of interest in the advertisement and display enhancement content to the user.

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