Divisible Digital Asset Transfer Method Based On Blockchains

  • Published: Oct 26, 2016
  • Earliest Priority: May 19 2016
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The invention relates to a divisible digital asset transfer method based on blockchains, comprising the steps of: first digital cash generating third digital cash, and converting the first cash to obtain second digital cash; determining the amount of third digital cash required taking in transferring the second digital cash; and when performing transfer transaction on the second digital cash or the third digital cash through transfer commands, extracting corresponding third digital cash from the address of the third digital cash according to the amount the third digital cash determined to be extracted in advance. The divisible digital asset transfer method can guarantee system stability and system internal consistency, and effectively avoid malicious destruction and overissue of digital encryption cash.


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  • Publication: Oct 26, 2016
  • Application: May 19, 2016
    CN CN 201610340202 A
  • Priority: May 19, 2016
    CN CN 201610340202 A

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