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  • Published: Aug 19, 2015
  • Earliest Priority: Feb 19 2014
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Our market test will allow all early adopters from the entire world (at the same time) to use this system which explains why Bitcoin has so many early adopters. This device enables all passage of value digital online and offline; any and all passage of value. All in one new paperless online instant as digital all inclusive access any and all monetary changing to and/or any accounts inter personal and between entities ie. Person to person and/or commercial entities covering any all monetary formats for usages/applications included any all integrated incorporated in one mobil chip with access cord to interface any all especially mobil Internet browser to access special website for any all financial management tools. The ultimate all inclusive (all in one) complete digital FINANCIAL services technologies for all customers financial needs. Our all inclusive chip card will include all cards (Classic/Gold/Platinum/Business; VISA, MASTER CARD, AMEX AND ALSO DEBIT; All functionalites converged into a single chip ¨ with (credit/debit cards) a wire/cord to link chip to new Point of Sale store devices where the other end of the wire/cord plugs in to exchange the transaction. Or the chip has an adaptor/interface that swipes and/or inserts into existing POS devices. We could offer Online Money Mart and banking advance, cheque advances, consolidation, credit cards, personal and business loans, lines of credit, car loans, mortgage, insurance, rent to own, payday lending... Online forms to open and manage recorded accessible on the chip card at a management website for Second Mortgages, Equity Loans, Working Capital, Any All Financing structures, Lines of Credit. Business Loans, Asset Backed Loans, Equity and Capital Raising, Investment Banking, Project Financing, Real Estate (commercial, residential, industrial), Equipment financing, Buying a Business, Technology Financing, Growth Financing, Start-Up Financing, Business Succession, Market Expansion, Projects without tangible assets, Subordinate Financing (wide coverage stages of business customers and size of financing and industries), in addition to online forms we could have all exchange of funds/money online (any currency or modes of funds) instant digital delivery of funds from venture capital; angels; any and all micro investors and/or micro finance also sorting of investors by industry, company stage, size of investment, round of financing and geography with option to have a experienced and talented professional brokers to do due diligence for a worldwide database of financiers and Rated investment opportunities (vetted for anti fraud) publicly posted and/or discrete for broker to handle privately (for investing if laws need we can offer banking services integrated into our chip system but certain financing structures offered together but such parts of our offerings can be managed by licensed banks). Service fees for transaction can be structured like Mobil phone packages, 1. pay per service type and amount -pay per use - ie. Like credit cards 2. Pay a flat monthly and/or flat annual fee 3. and/or pay once unlimited use. The chip and online access to manage accounts enable to switch funds from ie. Debit cards to payoff credit cards...and pay bills...and any all Point Of Sale transactions...even send money to a relative in emergencies. Electronic stock market trading & bit coin (any and all currencies) automated program selling and buying sales and alert system or when busy leave the trading to a broker. Easily and digitally move funds from one stock broker to another. Another system that can be applied to any and all revenue stream that makes customers happy and advertising entities happy...I call the tradeoff of services...based on type audience and type of product and stage of business to market (and value of ads)...advertisers pay a base + commission, we create an algorithm Customers receive more and more increasing free portion of service costs allocated for any all services we offer. 1. Some subsidized for opening ad pages; 2. Open for what length of time (shows the've had time and interest to read the ad; 3. Customer printouts and/or downloads the ad; 4. other buttons explored at advertisers website (algorithm that rewards more allocated for opening certain webpages ie. Product/sales section buttons where the advertiser may be most interested in selling products. The system can include online form for digital cheques (with optional PIN security) that can be sent to anyone including by email. For convenience cheques can be pre filled ie. For chip holders pre-authorized, each time a cheque is sent out the user just adds date, amount and recipient info. To avoid fraud the user can request printout hard copy of cheque and/or proof of purchase (bill of lading), option to printout own cheques with receipt records available available for any and all cheque issuers including banks. Also the chip set can come with optional plug and play swipe scanner of hardcopy cheques security bar code...and for customers in good standing we could extend early cash advance while waiting for the cheques to process. The chip and website can hold and exchange (at any time) any and all (even mix of) currencies and any all currency formats: US dollar; CDN dollars; EUROS; As well as paypal (in any and all currencies); Also crypto currencies... 1.1.1 Bitcoin (BTC) 1.1.2 Namecoin (NMC) 1.1.3 Litecoin (LTC) 1.1.4 Dogecoin (Doge) 1.1.5 PPCoin (PPC) 1.1.6 Mastercoin (MSC) 1.2 New 1.2.1 Hashcoin (HSC) 1.2.2 Coino (CON) 1.2.3 RonPaulCoin (RPC) 1.2.4 Betacoin (BET) 1.2.5 Nxt (NXT) 1.2.6 Globe (GLB) 1.3 Minor 1.3.1 Megacoin (M.SIGMA.C) 1.3.2 AnonCoin (ANC) 1.3.3 Franko (FRK) 1.3.4 FeatherCoin (FTC) 1.3.5 CraftCoin (CRC) 1.3.6 Tonal Bitcoin (TBC) 1.3.7 IxCoin (IXC) 1.3.8 Devcoin (DEV) 1.3.9 Freicoin (FRC) 1.3.10 I0coin (I0C) 1.3.11 Terracoin (TRC) 1.3.12 Liquidcoin (LQC) 1.3.13 BBQCoin (BQC) 1.3.14 BitBar (BTB) 1.3.15 Netcoin (NET) 1.3.16 GoldCoin (GLD) 1.4 Dead / dying 1.4.1 Qubic 1.4.2 TimeKoin 1.4.3 SC Solidcoin 1.4.4 GG Geist Geld 1.4.5 TBX Tenebrix 1.4.6 FBX Fairbrix 1.4.7 CLC Coiledcoin 1.4.8 RUC Rucoin 1.4.9 MMM MMMcoin 1.4.10 Weeds 1.4.11 Beertoken An intelligent (algorithm, artificial intelligence) Tax software that follows the chip's usage information (able to reprint copies of case of misplaced or lost receipts) converting the income tax business and/or personal into format for filing taxes and the software can allow a seamless integration with money activity outside that were done without the chip.. The function that existing ATM machines lack in depositing of cash/coins for instant use on credit/debit cards... instant availability for use and while taking the cash and coins for convenience and safety.. We could make the chip interface ATM interoperable further with this technology the user never needs to carry cash or change again...instead we allow customers to deposit money into BRINKS SECURITY armoured (and/or heavy duty bank vault carrying locational chip embedded in a fortified place cash in (deposited and payment of bills all in one out electronic money insertion counter (these machines can be everywhere) of cash inserted allowing customer not to carry cash so lost or robbed not as big target to robbers and convenience of carrying cash and coins. The auto bill and coin counter will take the place of bank manual human counters of the old ATM counting by banker...the counting like vending machine bill insertion solves error/mistakes especially in money deposited to ensure bot the customer/depositor is also correct and prevents what current ATM customers are warned about that is to not deposit cash that banker counter may also steal the customer/depositors' money. Also this machine can be used at casinos where any credit/debit can be passed into the casino ATM to receive casino chips and the other way around. These machines can be placed anywhere large enough value changes hands for example a congregation of street, ie. wet market and food concession stands allowing customers to withdraw cash. Other places are at bus depots that bills are or cards are used and tickets are issued or the machine can give precise coinage for the bus route to be paid to the bus. Big ticket items purchases ¨ algorithm to see if it is worthwhile for us to give rebate/discount to customers - (size of money), average lifespan of the items, how necessary the items are, how often (average) need repair and/or replacement, how many competitors how high quality to cost comparison among competitors. We could give away presents (or rebare/discounts) to the certain customer who uses the card just at the total money we processed along milestones in our volume achievement. We could offer discounts/rebates/presents to groups with a registered list who pool their Facebook circles of friends; cloud computing members; every levels of total purchases made by entities (including businesses). Also large use customers (buyers/sellers and all including gratuitous) can be rewarded with (rebate/discounts and presents). Also as part of our services we could provide a Registry of any all Contracts and/or any all Agreements for any and all parties and any and all lawyers either scanned uploaded copies and/or storage of hard copy...with options of levels of security included are promissory notes, wills, estate, agreement of employment, prenuptial agreement, lease and rental agreements, partnership, bill of sale, confidentiality/non competition/non disclosure/non circumvention, Letter of Intent/Letter of Interest/Letter of Participation, Power of Attorney...And the filer can download a copy at any time. Optional security for Customers can set daily and monthly (such limits are agreed to at the bank) limits and may then draw drawable up to limit (per day and/or per month)...(limit is pre-set at the bank) so if the chip is lost; stolen (the amount lost by the robber is li


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  • Publication: Aug 19, 2015
  • Application: Feb 19, 2014
    CA CA 2843034 A
  • Priority: Feb 19, 2014
    CA CA 2843034 A

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