Compositions, Kits, And Methods For Effecting Adenine Nucleotide Modulation Of Dna Mismatch Recognition Proteins


Compositions, and products comprising a MutS homolog which binds to a mismatched region of a duplex DNA molecule in the presence of ADP are provided, as are methods of binding MutS homologs to mismatched DNA in the presence of ADP. The use of MutL homolog derivatives in combination with MutS homologs is also included. Nonhuman mammals which are nullizygous for both Msh2 and p53 are also provided, as are methods of making and using the same.

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  • Publication: Dec 25, 2001
  • Application: Aug 28, 1998
    US US 14357198 A
  • Priority: Aug 28, 1998
    US US 14357198 A
  • Priority: Jul 23, 1998
    US US 9393598 P
  • Priority: Nov 28, 1997
    US US 6697797 P
  • Priority: Aug 28, 1997
    US US 5713697 P

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