Methods For Treating Brain Swelling With A Compound That Blocks A Non-selective Cation Channel


The present invention is directed to therapeutic compounds, treatment methods, and kits affecting the NCCa-ATP channel of neural tissue, including neurons, glia and blood vessels within the nervous system, and methods of using same. The NCCa-ATP channel is newly expressed in neural tissue following injury such as ischemia, and is regulated by the sulfonylurea receptor SUR1, being inhibited by sulfonylurea compounds, e.g., glibenclamide and tolbutamide, and opened by diazoxide. Antagonists of the NCCa-ATP channel, including SUR1 antagonists, are useful in the prevention, diminution, and treatment of injured or diseased neural tissue, including astrocytes, neurons and capillary endothelial cells, that is due to ischemia, tissue trauma, brain swelling and increased tissue pressure, or other forms of brain or spinal cord disease or injury. Agonists of the NCCa-ATP channel may be are useful in the treatment neural tissue where damage or destruction of the tissue, such as a gliotic capsule, is desired.

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  • Publication: Mar 17, 2015
  • Application: Feb 22, 2006
    US US 35994606 A
  • Priority: Feb 22, 2006
    US US 35994606 A
  • Priority: Sep 16, 2005
    US US 22923605 A
  • Priority: Jul 11, 2005
    US US 69827205 P
  • Priority: Sep 18, 2004
    US US 61075804 P
  • Priority: Mar 20, 2003
    US US 39156103 A
  • Priority: Mar 20, 2002
    US US 36593302 P

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