Formulation For The Prevention And Treatment Of Bone Related Disorders

  • Published: Apr 23, 2019
  • Earliest Priority: Jul 01 2016
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The present invention relates to a formulation of Spinacea oleracea useful for the prevention or treatment of osteo-health related disorders. The present invention relates to the field of pharmaceutical formulation that provides extract, fractions, pure compound isolated from natural sources and formulation thereof useful for the prevention and treatment of various medical indications. Further, this invention relates to conditions associated with estrogen dependent or independent diseases (primary/secondary osteoporosis) or syndromes or disorders preferably relating to cartilage such as osteoarthritis caused in humans and animals. Furthermore, this invention relates to achievement of peak bone mass during skeletal growth and health in humans and animals. Particularly, the present invention relates to the processes for the preparation of biologically active extracts, from Spinacea oleracea from the family Amaranthaceae their pharmaceutically acceptable excepients and compositions of the principal aspect of the present invention.

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  • Publication: Apr 23, 2019
  • Application: Jun 28, 2017
    US US 201715635457 A
  • Priority: Jul 1, 2016
    IN IN 201611022640 A

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