Organic Electroluminescent Element

  • Published: Jul 23, 2008
  • Earliest Priority: Nov 07 2005
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An organic electroluminescent device 1 comprising, an emitting layer (50) and an electron-transporting layer (60) between a cathode (80) and an anode (20), the electron-transporting layer (60) comprising a compound represented by formula (1), the emitting layer (50) comprising a host material which is a compound with an energy gap of 2.8 eV or less represented by formula (2) and a dopant which is an indenoperylene derivative, €ƒ€ƒ€ƒ€ƒ€ƒ€ƒ€ƒ€ƒA-B€ƒ€ƒ€ƒ€ƒ€ƒ(1) wherein A is an aromatic hydrocarbon group with three or more carbocycles and B is a substituted or unsubstituted heterocyclic group, €ƒ€ƒ€ƒ€ƒ€ƒ€ƒ€ƒ€ƒX-(Y) n €ƒ€ƒ€ƒ€ƒ€ƒ(2) wherein X is a condensed aromatic ring group with three or more carbocycles, Y is a group selected from substituted or unsubstituted aryl, substituted or unsubstituted diarylamino, substituted or unsubstituted arylalkyl and substituted or unsubstituted alkyl groups, and n is an integer of 1 to 6, provided that Ys may be the same or different when n is 2 or more.


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  • Publication: Jul 23, 2008
  • Application: Nov 2, 2006
    EP EP 06822912 A
  • Priority: Nov 2, 2006
    JP 2006321994 W
  • Priority: Nov 7, 2005
    JP 2005321885 A

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