Closed Form Method And System For Matting A Foreground Object In An Image Having A Background

  • Published: Jul 19, 2007
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In a method and system for matting a foreground object F having an opacity alpha constrained by associating a characteristic with selected pixels in an image having a background B, weights are determined for all edges of neighboring pixels for the image and used to build a Laplacian matrix L. The equation alpha is solved where alpha=arg min alpha<SUP>T </SUP>Lalpha s.t.alpha<SUB>i</SUB>=s<SUB>i</SUB>, ∀i ∈ S, S is the group of selected pixels, and s<SUB>i </SUB>is the value indicated by the associated characteristic. The equation I<SUB>i</SUB>=alpha<SUB>i</SUB>F<SUB>i</SUB>+(1-alpha<SUB>i</SUB>)B<SUB>i </SUB>is solved for F and B with additional smoothness assumptions on F and B; after which the foreground object F may be composited on a selected background B' that may be the original background B or may be a different background, thus allowing foreground features to be extracted from the original image and copied to a different background.

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  • Publication: Jul 19, 2007
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