Agent-based Turing Complete Transactions Integrating Feedback Within A Blockchain System

  • Published: Aug 31, 2017
  • Earliest Priority: Feb 23 2016
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This invention relates generally to blockchain implementations and is suited for, but not limited to, use with the Bitcoin blockchain. It can be used for the implementation of automated processes such as device/system control, process control, distributed computing and storage and others. The invention provides a solution which uses a blockchain to control a process executing on a computing resource. In a preferred embodiment, the computing resource, running simultaneously and in parallel to the blockchain, manages a loop-based operation. The computing resource continuously monitors the state of the blockchain as well as any other off-blockchain input data or source. The execution of the loop is influenced by the state of the blockchain. Each iteration of the loop that is executed by the computing resource is recorded in a transaction that is written to the blockchain. It is stored as a hash within the transaction's metadata. If the computing resource finds a transaction which contains a hash relating to the loop it accesses the relevant portion of code. The loop contains a conditional statement which enables the computing resource to decide which action to take. The condition may be dependent upon the state of the blockchain or any other data source. The action can be any type of action, on or off the blockchain. Thus, the combination of the computing resource and blockchain provide a solution which is (at least partially) Turing-complete.

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  • Publication: Aug 31, 2017
  • Application: Feb 14, 2017
    WO IB 2017050821 W
  • Priority: Feb 23, 2016
    GB GB 201603114 A
  • Priority: Feb 23, 2016
    GB GB 201603112 A

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