Fluorescence Light Scanning Microscope Having A Birefringent Chromatic Beam Shaping Device


A fluorescence light scanning microscope (2) comprises a light source providing a beam of excitation light (8) for exciting a fluorophore in a sample to be imaged for spontaneous emission of fluorescence light, and a beam of suppression light (7) for suppressing spontaneous emission of fluorescence light by the fluorophore on a common optical axis (4), the suppression wavelength differing from the excitation wavelength;an objective (19) focusing both beams (7, 8) into a focus volume around a focus point;a detector (21) adapted to detect fluorescence light (11) spontaneously emitted by the fluorophore; and a chromatic beam shaping device (1) arranged on the common optical axis (4), and including a birefringent chromatic optical element (3) adapted to shape a polarization distribution of the beam of suppression light (7) over its beam cross section (12) such as to produce an intensity distribution of the suppression light around the focus point having at least one intensity zero essentially at the focus point, and to leave a shape of the excitation light such as to produce an intensity distribution of the excitation light around the focus point having a maximum essentially at the focus point.

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  • Publication: Nov 25, 2010
  • Application: May 20, 2010
    WO EP 2010056987 W
  • Priority: May 20, 2009
    DE DE 202009007250 U

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