Pesticidal Genes And Methods Of Use


Compositions having pesticidal activity and methods for their use are provided. Compositions include isolated and recombinant polypeptides having pesticidal activity, recombinant and synthetic nucleic acid molecules encoding the polypeptides, DNA constructs and vectors comprising the nucleic acid molecules, host cells comprising the vectors, and antibodies to the polypeptides. Polynucleotide sequences encoding the polypeptides can be used in DNA constructs or expression cassettes for transformation and expression in organisms of interest. The compositions and methods provided are useful for producing organisms with enhanced pest resistance or tolerance. Transgenic plants and seeds comprising a nucleotide sequence that encodes a pesticidal protein of the invention are also provided. Such plants are resistant to insects and other pests. Methods are provided for producing the various polypeptides disclosed herein, and for using those polypeptides for controlling or killing a pest. Methods and kits for detecting polypeptides of the invention in a sample are also included.


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