Bidirectional Promoter


The invention refers to a library of bidirectional expression cassettes or expression vectors comprising a repertoire of bidirectional promoter sequences, each expression cassette comprising a promoter sequence operably linked to a first gene in one direction, and operably linked to an oppositely oriented second gene in the other direction which is different from the first gene, and bidirectional Pichia pastoris or CHO cells promoter sequences. The invention further refers to a method of screening or selecting a bidirectional promoter suitable for expressing at least two GOI in a host cell and a kit comprising a) an expression cassette consisting of the first and second genes and a stuffer sequence separating them, which stuffer sequence comprises a recognition site for a type IIS restriction enzyme at both ends; b) the type IIS restriction enzyme; c) and a repertoire of promoter, preferably a promoter library including bidirectional promoters.


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