Targeting Metastasis Stem Cells Through A Fatty Acid Receptor (cd36)


Targeting metastasis stem cells through a fatty acid receptor. The disclosure provides the use of blockers or inhibitors of CD36 activity or expression for the treatment of oral squamous cell cancer (OSCC), particularly for the treatment of generated metastases and for diminish is generation from primary tumours. Apart from shRNAs, anti-CD36 antibodies are provided as blockers or inhibitors, especially those that block the binding of CD36 to oxidized LDL and fatty acids and their incorporation into cells, because the promotion of their transport is indicated as the mechanism by which CD36 promote metastases dissemination and growth. Also provided is a method for identifying candidates to anticancer agents, particularly for OSCC metastasis, among those that promote in CD36+ cells, in vivo or in vitro, effects associated to CD36 depletion or blocking such as decrease of growth accumulation of lipid droplets and decrease of size in the case of metastases.


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