Mitigating Blockchain Attack

  • Published: Sep 16, 2015
  • Earliest Priority: Jul 31 2015
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Detecting malicious events occurring with respect to a blockchain data structure. A transaction creation profile is defined 402 according to which transactions can be generated and submitted to the blockchain 404. Submitting a profile generation transaction to the blockchain which, when validated, results in the generation of a profiler data structure in the blockchain including executable code to generate profile transactions to be submitted to the blockchain according to the transaction creation profile. The profile transactions may be generated by the profiler according to the rules in the transaction creation profile. The blockchain is monitored 406 to identify profile transactions and identified profile transactions are compared with the transaction creation profile 408 to detect a deviation from the transaction creation profile. Such detection corresponds to a malicious event 410 occurring with respect to the blockchain. Triggering of the execution of the profiler may be periodically or based on state or size of the blockchain.


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  • Publication: Sep 16, 2015
  • Application: Jul 31, 2015
    GB GB 201513626 A
  • Priority: Jul 31, 2015
    GB GB 201513626 A

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