Human Neutralizing Antibodies Against Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome


Human and humanized monoclonal antibodies which binds specifically to subunit A of Shiga like toxin II have been developed which are effective to prevent or ameliorate one or more symptoms of HUS in a human. Effective dosages for treatment or prevention range from approximately 0.1 to 5.0 mg of antibody/kg of patient weight. The examples demonstrate the preferred dosage ranges based on the pig model, and what is being tested in phase I clinical trials. Antibodies are preferably transfused over a period of two hours, although this will depend on the patient and the disease state at the time of treatment. Preferred dosages for treatment of humans are between 0.1 mg/kg-5.0 mg/kg of 5C120, or an equivalent dosage of another antibody to subunit A of STX2. In the most preferred embodiments, dosages of 0.1 mg/kg, 0.5 mg/kg, or 5.0 mg/kg of 5C12 (low dose, anticipated therapeutic dose based on animal data and high dose) are administered.

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  • Publication: Mar 22, 2011
  • Application: Oct 31, 2007
    US US 93316607 A
  • Priority: Oct 31, 2007
    US US 93316607 A
  • Priority: Jan 7, 2002
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    US US 30212599 A
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    US US 74970496 A

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