Mda-7 Proteins And Methods Of Use Thereof


This invention provides a method of generating a subtracted cDNA library of a cell comprising: a) generating a cDNA library of the cell; b) isolating double-stranded DNAs from the cDNA library; c) releasing the double-stranded cDNA inserts from the double-stranded DNAs; d) denaturing the isolated double-stranded cDNA inserts; e) hybridizing the denatured double-stranded cDNA inserts with a labelled single-stranded nucleic acid molecules which are to be subtracted from the cDNA library; and f) separating the hybridized labeled single-stranded nucleic acid molecule from the double-stranded cDNA inserts, thereby generating a subtracted cDNA library of a cell. This invention also provides different uses of the subtracted library.

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  • Publication: Oct 1, 2009
  • Application: Mar 23, 2009
    US US 40935609 A
  • Priority: Mar 23, 2009
    US US 40935609 A
  • Priority: Apr 17, 2003
    US US 41782703 A
  • Priority: Dec 23, 1998
    US US 22126898 A
  • Priority: Sep 30, 1994
    US US 31653794 A
  • Priority: Oct 27, 1993
    US US 14357693 A

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