Verfahren Zur Eingruppierung Von Sequenzen In Familien

  • Published: Nov 15, 2001
  • Earliest Priority: Oct 17 1997
  • Family: 10
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In order to cluster sequences to biological groups, the conventional databank search programs are iteratively called in with a view to clustering various related sequences to one determined protein sequence. The inventive method enables full automatic distribution of a high number of protein sequences in groups. The major part of such groups are segregated, so that they represent a meaningful and valid grouping of data.


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Document History
  • Publication: Nov 15, 2001
  • Application: Aug 14, 1998
    AT AT 98951173 T
  • Priority: Aug 14, 1998
    DE DE 9802422 W
  • Priority: Oct 17, 1997
    DE DE 19745665 A

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