Bitcoin Trade Method By Gift Card Type Based On On-line

  • Published: Jan 27, 2016
  • Earliest Priority: Jul 16 2014
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The present invention relates to an online-based gift card type bitcoin trade method which enables a user to use a bitcoin given in a gift card type to pay for a product online without a user opening an electronic wallet. The method includes the following steps: (S100) connecting to a bitcoin trade server (100) by a terminal (200) for a bitcoin gift card giver; (S110) checking whether or not an electronic wallet for a giver is retained in the terminal (200) for the bitcoin gift card giver; (S120) showing bitcoin gift card issuance request information for a person without an electronic wallet, including a request for the input of a given bitcoin amount; (S130) registering bitcoin gift card issuance input information in the bitcoin trade server (100); (S140) guiding a transfer of the bitcoin amount to be given to a recipient; (S150) opening a temporary electronic wallet for the recipient; and (S160) transmitting the bitcoin gift card given by the bitcoin trade server (100) and storing an access code (710).


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  • Publication: Jan 27, 2016
  • Application: Jul 16, 2014
    KR KR 20140089436 A
  • Priority: Jul 16, 2014
    KR KR 20140089436 A

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