Digital Identity System

  • Published: Aug 18, 2016
  • Earliest Priority: Feb 13 2015
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A method of a digital identity system generating a sharing token for authenticating a bearer to a validator, wherein a data store of the digital identity system holds a plurality of attributes of the bearer, the method comprising implementing by the digital identity system the following steps: receiving at the digital identity system from a bearer an electronic sharing token request, wherein the token request identifies at least one of the bearer's attributes in the data store selected for sharing with a validator; in response to the electronic token request, generating a sharing token, which is unique to that request, for presentation by the bearer to a validator; associating with the unique sharing token at the digital identity system the identified at least one bearer attribute; and issuing to the bearer the unique sharing token; and wherein later presentation of the unique sharing token to the digital identify system by a validator causes the at least one bearer attribute associated with the sharing token to be rendered available to the validator by the digital identity system.


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