System And Method Of Managing User Accounts To Track Outcomes Of Real World Wagers Revealed To Users

  • Published: Aug 11, 2016
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The invention relates to systems and methods of maintaining revealed and unrevealed balances that both belong to a user, but the user is aware only of the revealed balance. In this manner, the system can give the user an impression that a value (e.g., a cash amount or other value) has been gained or lost by transferring the value between the revealed and unrevealed balances of the user, even though no gain or loss actually occurred. The unrevealed balance may include a payout from a real-world wager. Thus, payout may be revealed to the user in a manner that the user believes that the payout was won by the user through a game or other interactive media, even though the payout belongs to the user based on the payout. Other changes in value to the unrevealed and revealed balances may occur as well.

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  • Publication: Aug 11, 2016
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