Methods And Systems Of Handling Patent Claims

  • Published: Mar 16, 2017
  • Earliest Priority: Sep 16 2015
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There is disclosed a computer-implemented method of handling a text expressed in a natural language comprising creating a second text or patent claim sentence from a first text or patent claim sentence and timestamping said second text or patent claim sentence. Developments comprise the creation of a plurality of texts or patent claim sentences, the use of trusted and/or trustless timestamping, the use of grammatical texts, the use of a parser and/or of a tagger, modification operations such as addition, insertion and deletion, injection of definitions of words, the use of a thesaurus (synonym, hyponym, hyperonym, holonym, antonym of a word, etc), the use of a unique and optionally persistent web address, making the second text or patent claim available to the public (or not), the use of lexical directions such as a patent classification indication and the use of crowdsourcing techniques.

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  • Publication: Mar 16, 2017
  • Application: Sep 16, 2015
    US US 201514855449 A
  • Priority: Sep 16, 2015
    US US 201514855449 A

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