Gene Targeting In Animal Cells Using Isogenic Dna Constructs


The present invention provides novel methods for modifying the genome of an animal cell which typically comprise the steps of: constructing a DNA molecule in which desired sequence modifications are contained in a segment of DNA (a "targeting DNA") that is substantially isogenic with a DNA in the cell genome (a."target DNA"); introducing the targeting DNA construct into the cell (e.g., by microinjection, electroporation, transfection, or calcium phosphate precipitation); and selecting cells in which the desired sequence modifications have been introduced into the genome via homologous recombination.

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  • Publication: Aug 4, 1998
  • Application: Aug 7, 1997
    US US 90834897 A
  • Priority: Aug 7, 1997
    US US 90834897 A
  • Priority: Aug 8, 1996
    US US 70032496 A
  • Priority: Nov 27, 1995
    US US 56313895 A
  • Priority: Mar 22, 1994
    US US 21612194 A
  • Priority: Aug 20, 1991
    US US 74834291 A

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