Device, System, And Method Of Online Betting And Playing

  • Published: Jul 14, 2016
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Device, system, and method of computerized playing and betting. A system or an electronic device comprises: a gaming module to register bets placed by a user with regard to outcomes of sports games; an in-game bet-placing module, (a) to receive a user command for in-game bet placement, while a sports game is ongoing, and (b) to register in-game, while the sports game is ongoing, a new in-game bet with regard to an outcome of the sports game that is ongoing; an on- demand in-game cash-out module, (i) to receive a user command for in-game cash-out of a previously-placed bet that was placed by the user with regard to an outcome of that sports game; (ii) to perform in-game cash-out of the previously-placed bet, while that sports game is still ongoing, and prior to a time in which the outcome of that sports game is known for certain.


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