Methods For Modulation Of Immune Responses Using Humanized Immunoglobulins Reactive With B7-1 Molecules


The invention relates to humanized anti-B7-2 and anti-B7-1 antibodies, wherein each comprise a variable region of non-human origin and at least a portion of an immunoglobulin of human origin. The invention also pertains to methods of treatment for various autoimmune diseases, transplant rejection, inflammatory disorders and infectious diseases by administering humanized anti-B7-2 and/or anti-B7-1 antibodies.

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  • Publication: May 12, 2009
  • Application: Nov 12, 2004
    US US 98608904 A
  • Priority: Nov 12, 2004
    US US 98608904 A
  • Priority: Jun 24, 1999
    US US 33959699 A
  • Priority: Feb 12, 1999
    US US 24901199 A

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