New Voltage-dependent Potassium Channel And Its Use To Develop Therapeutic Medicine


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Potassium channel protein (I) Kv6.2 is new. (I) has a sequence of 467 (human) or 482 (murine) amino acids (given in the specification) or is a homolog, derivative or fragment of these with the same electrobiological, pharmacological and/or biological activity, and/or immunogenicity. Independent claims are also included for the following: (1) potassium channel (A) containing at least one (I); (2) nucleic acid (II) encoding (I); (3) vector containing at least one copy of (II); (4) host cells transformed with this vector; (5) recombinant production of potassium channels by culturing eukaryotic cells of (4); (6) identifying and testing substances (A) that can open, close, or (in)activate potassium channels, or alter their biophysical properties; and (7) antibodies (Ab) that bind to (I).


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  • Publication: Jul 16, 2008
  • Application: Aug 6, 1999
    EP EP 08004552 A
  • Priority: Aug 6, 1999
    EP EP 99941625 A
  • Priority: Aug 6, 1998
    DE DE 19841413 A

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