System For Managing Secure Transferrable Credit

  • Published: Jun 8, 2017
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Described herein are systems and methods for creating a personalised data package having an associated value of merchant-specific credits. In one embodiment a system (1) includes a server (3) configured to receive a request from a customer terminal (7) for creation of a personalised data package. The request includes a specified recipient, a specified merchant selected from a plurality of merchants and a specified value of merchant-specific credits specific to the specified merchant. Server (3) then accesses an online payment gateway (21) to obtain secure payment of an amount representative of the value of merchant-specific credits. In response to receiving the secure payment, server (3) accesses a database (19) to generate a visual template for the personalised data package, the visual template being indicative of a visual representation of the personalised data package when rendered on an electronic display. Server (3) then provides an interface accessible by the customer terminal (7) to allow personalisation of the visual template to update the personalised data package to include one or more of: uploading and embedding of image and/or video content to the data package; embedding of personalised text content to the data package; embedding of audio content to the data package; and embedding of interactive content to the data package. The personalised data package is able to be accessed by the specified recipient via a recipient terminal (23).

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  • Publication: Jun 8, 2017
  • Application: Nov 30, 2016
    WO AU 2016/051170 W
  • Priority: Dec 4, 2015
    AU AU 2015/905030 A

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