Topical Application Of Antibodies For Prophylaxis Against Sexually Transmitted Diseases And Pregnancy


Certain antibody molecules are so stable and so potent at immobilizing sperm as well as the pathogens for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) that they make possible new prophylactic contraceptive methods: (a) for men, a skin lotion containing antibodies against sperm and against STD pathogens to be applied to the penis and external genitals during sexual activity, thereby delivering prophylactically effective doses of antibodies to virtually all areas of skin and epithelia across which most STDs, including AIDS, are usually transmitted, and, during vaginal intercourse, the penis will deliver a contraceptively reliable dose of the antibodies to the cervical region of the vagina; and (b) for women, intrauterine devices (IUDs) and intravaginal devices (IVDs) that release antibodies into the uterus or into the vagina to provide continuous protection against pregnancy and STDs for periods of months to years.

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  • Publication: Apr 4, 2000
  • Application: Feb 1, 1993
    US US 1183793 A
  • Priority: Feb 1, 1993
    US US 1183793 A
  • Priority: Feb 1, 1989
    US US 30504889 A

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