Multifunctional Power-storage Bicycle

  • Published: Aug 26, 2015
  • Earliest Priority: Feb 05 2015
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The utility model provides a multifunctional power-storage bicycle, including a storage battery, the battery is connected with solar panel, gear drive power generation facility and control panel through the wire, control panel pass through the wire with solar panel with gear drive power generation facility connects, control panel still is connected with the charger through the wire, the battery is fixed on the goods shelves of bike saddle below, gear drive power generation facility's shell passes through on screw and bicycle frame's the low tube fixedly, is connected with the bicycle blockchain, the charger is fixed on the bicycle handlebar, control panel passes through fixed bolster and bicycle handlebar standpipe fixed connection, solar panel even has the fixed plate, the fixed plate passes through the goods shelves fixed connection of screw and bicycle. A multifunctional power-storage bicycle, the multi-functional power storage device of simple structure, convenient operation, multiple use, energy-concerving and environment-protective bicycle.


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  • Publication: Aug 26, 2015
  • Application: Feb 5, 2015
    CN CN 201520082296 U
  • Priority: Feb 5, 2015
    CN CN 201520082296 U

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