Methods Of Detecting Nucleic Acid Sequences With High Specificity


The invention relates to methods of detecting nucleic acids, including methods of detecting one or more target nucleic acid sequences in multiplex branched-chain DNA assays, are provided. Nucleic acids captured on a solid support or suspending cells are detected, for example, through cooperative hybridization events that result in specific association of a label with the nucleic acids. The invention further relates to methods to improve probe hybridization specificity and their application in genotyping. The invention also relates to in situ detection of mis-joined nucleic acid sequences. The invention relates to reducing false positive signals and improve signal-to-background ratio in hybridization-based nucleic acid detection assay. The invention further relates to method to improve specificity in hybridization based nucleic acid using co-location probes. Compositions, tissue slides, sample of suspended cells, kits, and systems related to the methods are also described.


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