Nucleic Acids Encoding Cr2 Polypeptides, Vector And Transformed Cell Thereof, And Expression Thereof


Early-induced genes by interleukin-2 (IL-2) have various DNA sequences. This patent describes a polyribonucleotide with a nucleotide segment encoding amino acids 1-60 of SEQ. ID No: 4, antibody binding homologues thereof, antibody binding fragments thereof at least 5 amino acids long, and fusion proteins thereof, alleles or naturally occurring mutants of the polyribonucleotide, and anti-sense polyribonucleotides thereof. Also provided are proteins, homologues, fragments, fusion proteins, vectors, transfected hosts, animal models, probes, and other related technology.

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  • Publication: Feb 16, 1999
  • Application: Jun 5, 1995
    US US 46137995 A
  • Priority: Jun 5, 1995
    US US 46137995 A
  • Priority: Oct 27, 1994
    US US 33010894 A
  • Priority: Aug 10, 1993
    US US 10473693 A
  • Priority: Nov 20, 1991
    US US 79606691 A

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