Anther-specific Genes Derived From Malus X Domestica, Promoters Thereof And A Method For Preparing Transformed Plant Using The Same


The present invention relates to anther-specific genes, promoters thereof and transformed plants using the same, more precisely, novel genes MdASGl, MdASG2 and MdASG3 which are represented by SEQ. ID. NO: 1, NO: 2 and NO: 3 and expressed specifically in the anther derived from an apple plant (Malus x domestica cv. Fuji), and their promoters PMdASGl, PMdASG2 and PMdASG3 containing the whole or a part of sequences represented by SEQ. ID NO: 4, NO: 5 and NO: 6 involved in transcriptional activity and a method for preparing transgenic plants using the same. The anther-specific genes of the present invention can be effectively used to examine the pollen development mechanism involved in plant fertilization. The promoters PMdASGl, PMdASG2 and pMDASG3 of the present invention have a high activity to express a target gene specifically in the anther or pollen of a transgenic plant, so that they can be effectively used for the development of a transgenic plant in which a heterologous gene whose pollen-specific gene expression is needed is introduced and contributes to the development of a male-sterile transgenic plant.


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