Payment Without Account Creation

  • Published: Sep 26, 2017
  • Earliest Priority: Aug 20 2014
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Technology is disclosed for a convenient money transfer without requiring any account login and/or creation activities. The disclosed technology enables a sender to transfer a specified amount of currency to one or more recipients through a payment application. In response to a request from the sender, the technology provides a user interface to collect a numerical value corresponding to the specified amount of currency, accesses a list of contacts in a database of the sender's mobile device, and then provides the list of contacts to the sender. The technology enables the sender to manually select recipients from the provided list of contacts and can accordingly initiate a payment process based on statuses of selected recipients.

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  • Publication: Sep 26, 2017
  • Application: Feb 10, 2015
    US US 201514618918 A
  • Priority: Feb 10, 2015
    US US 201514618918 A
  • Priority: Aug 20, 2014
    US US 201462039831 P

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