Nuclear Medical Imaging Device, Image Processor, And Image Processing Method

  • Published: Dec 24, 2010
  • Earliest Priority: May 13 2009
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<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To surely support imaging diagnosis by a physician who compares a plurality of inspection results by using nuclear medical images. <P>SOLUTION: A two-dimensional LUT storage section 41d stores a two-dimensional LUT in which each combination of two input values is correlated to an output value for outputting a different color tone. A position aligning section 41c performs aligning of positions of PET images of examination 1 and examination 2 by using X-ray CT images of the examination 1 and examination 2. An output image generation section 41e acquires, from the two-dimensional LUT, an output value in the case where an input value is a combination of pixel values of pixels corresponding between the position-aligned PET images so as to generate an output image. The output image generation section 41e generates an output image based on an output value in a setting range designated by the two-dimensional LUT in the acquired output values. A display control section 43 performs controlling so as to display the output image or a synthesized image of the output image and the X-ray CT image generated by a synthesized image generation section 41f on a monitor. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2011,JPO&INPIT


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Document History
  • Publication: Dec 24, 2010
  • Application: Mar 18, 2010
    JP 2010063222 A
  • Priority: Mar 18, 2010
    JP 2010063222 A
  • Priority: May 13, 2009
    JP 2009116864 A

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