Method, Apparatus, And Computer-readable Medium For Dividend Yielding Currency Based On Elastic Securitization

  • Published: Aug 3, 2017
  • Earliest Priority: Jan 27 2016
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An apparatus, computer-readable medium, and computer-implemented method for creating collateralized portfolios. A portfolio is a collection of income-producing assets. These income-producing assets are a derivative of primary sources such as real property. A portfolio is generated through transactions that exchange estimated asset value for liquid instruments in the portfolio. Asset valuation is determined through known pricing functions. Transaction elasticity is provided by liquid instruments (reserve funds and portfolio-owned shares) held in reserve in the portfolio's reservoir which provides a market smoothing function to gracefully adapt to changes in asset demand and risk. Each portfolio's reservoir is collectively owned by the shareholders; continuously replenishing itself with income generated by assets in the portfolio. Shares can be represented by digital tokens, traded as digital currency such as cryptocurrency, and monetized with the convenience of cash through a network of exchanges and payment gateways.

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  • Publication: Aug 3, 2017
  • Application: Jan 27, 2017
    WO US 2017/0015247 W
  • Priority: Jan 26, 2017
    US US 201715416202 A
  • Priority: Jan 27, 2016
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