Multiple Patient Monitoring System For Proactive Health Management


A system and method for monitoring a group of patients having a chronic disease or ongoing health condition. The method includes the step of collecting from each patient a corresponding set of measurements of a control parameter of the health condition. Each set of measurements has a collection date. A control value is calculated for each patient from the corresponding set of measurements. The method further includes the steps of generating and displaying a group overview chart having one data point for each patient. Each data point indicates the control value calculated for the corresponding patient and a time period which has elapsed since the collection date of the patient's corresponding set of measurements. In a preferred embodiment, the method includes the additional steps of selecting from the group overview chart at least one of the patients represented thereon and transmitting supervisory instructions to the at least one selected patient.

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Document History
  • Publication: Aug 17, 2010
  • Application: Jul 11, 2006
    US US 48421106 A
  • Priority: Jul 11, 2006
    US US 48421106 A
  • Priority: Aug 30, 2002
    US US 23329602 A
  • Priority: Jun 12, 2001
    US US 88073501 A
  • Priority: Sep 14, 1998
    US US 15235398 A
  • Priority: Oct 16, 1996
    US US 73215896 A

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