Expendable Access Control

  • Published: Feb 8, 2017
  • Earliest Priority: Jul 31 2015
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A computer implemented method of a resource provider for access control in a network connected computer system, wherein a blockchain data structure accessible via the network stores digitally signed records validated by network connected miner software components. A provider record is associated with the resource provider 202, the method allowing for identifying an access control role 450 definition for access to the resource, the role including a specification of access permissions. A request is received 462 from a resource consumer for access to the resource and the resource consumer is given an indication of a quantity of a cryptocurrency 464 required for access to the resource. In response to a determination that the required quantity of cryptocurrency is transferred 466 to the provider record in the blockchain, the transfer being caused by a blockchain transaction including an identification of the role and the transaction being validated 468 by a miner component, granting the consumer access to the resource 476 in accordance with the role definition.


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  • Publication: Feb 8, 2017
  • Application: Jul 31, 2015
    GB GB 201513630 A
  • Priority: Jul 31, 2015
    GB GB 201513630 A

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