Single Pole Washing Car

  • Published: Jul 6, 2016
  • Earliest Priority: Dec 30 2015
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The utility model relates to a belt cleaning device especially relates to a single pole washing car, include the frame, set up washing blockchain rail and the sprinkler bead of setting at the frame top in the frame bottom, the sprinkler bead passes through multi -stage cylinder and connects at the frame top, multi -stage cylinder's piston rod down, the sprinkler bead is fixed on multi -stage cylinder's piston rod, still be equipped with cooperation multi -stage cylinder's hydraulic pressure station on the frame, frame bottom one side is equipped with the washing water tank, it is connected with the sprinkler bead through a spray pipe to wash the water tank. The utility model discloses a multi -stage cylinder washing gradual to the filter plate for it prevents to the washing more thoroughly of filter plate and filter cloth that the filter cloth from blockking up, improves its filtration efficiency and filter effect, extension filter plate life, and having independent hydraulic pressure station control hydro -cylinder to the lift of sprinkler bead, degree of automation is high.


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  • Publication: Jul 6, 2016
  • Application: Dec 30, 2015
    CN CN 201521120050 U
  • Priority: Dec 30, 2015
    CN CN 201521120050 U

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