Shared Vehicle Rental System

  • Published: Sep 22, 1998
  • Earliest Priority: Jul 29 1994
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A shared vehicle rental system has a plurality of motor vehicles, a parking area for a plurality of users to rent motor vehicles therefrom and to return motor vehicles thereto, and a control center for supervising the motor vehicles. The shared vehicle rental system registers the users in a plurality of groups depending on a usage time zone in which the users use the motor vehicles, identifies registration information of the users which is recorded on IC cards of the users, and supervises the motor vehicles and the parking area based on the registration information of the users.

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  • Publication: Sep 22, 1998
  • Application: Jul 2, 1997
    US US 88691997 A
  • Priority: Jul 2, 1997
    US US 88691997 A
  • Priority: Jun 22, 1995
    US US 49362595 A
  • Priority: Jul 29, 1994
    JP 19800394 A

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