Reagents For Labelling Nucleic Acids And Uses Thereof

  • Published: Jan 22, 2009
  • Earliest Priority: Nov 29 2006
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The present invention relates to labelling kits containing novel non-natural nucleotide monomers and to methods of making and using such compounds. The invention further relates to a method of detecting the presence of a nucleic acid, e.g., RNA, of interest in a sample, the method having the following steps: providing the sample; ligating a nucleic acid of interest with a labelling reagent according to the instant invention; providing a nucleic acid array having probes directed to the nucleic acid of interest; hybridizing the labelled nucleic acid fragments to said nucleic acid array; and determining the extent of hybridization to said probes to determine the presence of the nucleic acid of interest.

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  • Publication: Jan 22, 2009
  • Application: Nov 29, 2007
    US US 94772407 A
  • Priority: Nov 29, 2007
    US US 94772407 A
  • Priority: Nov 29, 2006
    US US 86163306 P

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