Resource Transfer System

  • Published: Dec 8, 2016
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RESOURCE TRANSFER SYSTEM Systems and techniques are provided for a resource transfer system. An instruction to transfer a first quantity of a resource from a first resource pool to a second resource pool may be received. A hold may be placed on a second quantity of the resource in the first resource pool. The held second quantity of the first resource may not be transferred from the first resource pool until the hold is released. Responsive to receiving a message that fulfills a condition on the hold and an instruction to execute the transfer, the hold may be released. A register that is in the first resource pool and is associated with the resource may decremented by the first quantity, and a register that is in the second resource pool and is associated with the resource may be incremented by the first quantity. (11309369_1):dah Sender Resource Tracking . Resource Tracking Receiver Computiputing Deviceputing Device Computing Device Computing Device ComputingDevice 100 ? ,11,1Q Hold Authorization 117 iod H ld Prepared Transfer Prepared Transfer Receipt Receipt 1130 ~1 ~ I ai Signed Message! Signed Message! 1140Q Execute Instruction ! Execute Instruction Transfer Confrmaon Transfer Confirmation Notification of 1150 aeep Receipt 9 Transfer Notification of Complete Transfer J.6 - ~


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