Systems And Methods For Automating Client-side Synchronization Of Public Keys Of External Contacts

  • Published: Jul 6, 2017
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Systems and methods for automating client-side synchronization and discovery of public keys and certificates of external contacts include a key synchronizer at a client device. The key synchronizer obtains, from the client device, an external contact associated with an external domain outside of a local domain of the client device and then identifies, based on the external domain, a public key registry outside of the local domain. The key synchronizer obtains, from the public key registry, a registry-supplied public key or digital certificate for the external contact and then stores the registry-supplied key as a locally-stored key in the local key store such that the client device can obtain and apply the locally-stored key to secure an email targeting the external contact as a recipient of the email.

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  • Publication: Jul 6, 2017
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